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As Berberoglu Textile we manufacture and supply scarves, shawls, foulards, pashminas, silk scarves, headsquares, laser cut scarves, hand bags, woman hand bags, women hand bags, pareos, lamina scarves, glit scarves, 3d scarves, relief scarves, neon press scarves, scarf, shawl, foulard, pashmina, silk scarf, headsquare, laser cut scarf, hand bag, woman hand bag, women hand bag, pareo, lamina scarf, glit scarf, 3d scarf, relief scarf, neon press scarf... Berberoglu family company started its trading life in a small office which was founded by Emirhan Halil in Emirhan province of Bursa in 1969. Aftwerwards company opened synthetic fabric workshop in 1975. When the time comes on the date of 1988, Berberoglu Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. followed enterprising policy by adopting to be always innovator as its main principle in accordance with conditions of changing country economy and founded fabric printing and painting factory which is still working in and is stated on 19.000 square meters closed area. Berberoglu Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. manufcatures on women accessories (foulard, scarf, shawl and pareo), flag and printed promotional products for both for its own brands and for other companies’ brands as contract manufacturing by combining today’s fabric technology in conformity with color trends. We as company of Berberoglu Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. make printing and painting works on polyester and natural fiber woven fabrics. Three different printing methods are performed in the structure of our company. Thanks to table type printing systems which realizes high quality works, we make printing activities with unlimited colours and unlimited repetitions on fabrics which have wideness between 90 and 160 cm. We can make feature lenght printings at high speed till the wideness between 90 and 220 cm and 12 diffewrent colours by using the other printing method with the help of automatic filmdruck printing system. It is possible to get perfect printings with unlimited colour, unlimited repetitions and exceptional resolutions in the direction of results of the digital printing systems and recent developments in textile industry. In accordance with your projects and orders, all kinds of technical support (pattern design, colour, variants and template mould) are provided by our company. Also special printing designs (3d printings, waterproof, photoprint, transparent effects, neon printings, metal, relief, glitter, gold leaf patterned, veneered) are performed in the structure of our company. We as company of Berberoglu Tekstil present not only industrial, but also artistic products in high quality and standards in accordance with customer demands. We carry out your designs and patterns by combining today’s fabric technology and colour trends.

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